Types of Axe Heads

Axe is one of the most commonly found tools in the market. You will find different types of axe, and they have a great utility as well. There are many kinds of axe heads, and let us tell you a little about each one of those.

14 Types Of Axe

  • Hatchets–Hatches are often known as one hand axe, and this is because of their small hand. They can help you in chopping wood, and they are very useful in making small cuts as well. If you need to chop down firewood, then you can use a Hatchet. The head of this axe weighs 1 pound and the handle has a length of 1 foot. Hatches are consider best axes for camping.
  • Felling Axe– Next, we are going to talk about Felling Axe. They are majorly used for cutting down the big trees. Chainsaws have now replaced them, but they had been a part of human history for a long time. You will still find the Felling axe at campsites. The distinct feature of Felling Axe is that the blade is thin yet sharp. The weight of the head is about 2 pounds, and the length of the handle is 2 feet.
  • Splitting Axes– Today, you have log splitters to split the log for getting firewood, but earlier, there was extensive use of Splitting axe. They have a thick head, and they are medium-weighted. Because of the thickness, it is easier to split the wood when you drive it in the direction of the wood grain.
  • Tactical Axes–These ones are also called Tactical Tomahawks, and they are used by soldiers during operations. They are hard enough to shatter the toughest glass, pierce through metal, Kevlar, and other such tough material. They are a great weapon during combat, and it has repeatedly proved its worth in the warfare. You would not find them in general use at all, and you will only find them with law enforcement officers.
  • Throwing Tomahawks– Tomahawks are known as hatchets with a straight shaft. They are lighter than hatchets, and they are more like a general utility tool. They have a long history of being used as a combat tool. Today, throwing tomahawks is also a sport. There are 2 variations available in tomahawk heads.
  • Double Bit Axe– In the double bit axe, you will notice that the head has blades on both sides. You will only find these axes in the sports competition, or you will find them in use by lumberjacks. In this axe, one blade is very sharp, and it is used to cut against the grain while the second one is used for splitting the wood.
  • Viking Axe– As the name suggests, Viking axe is something that was majorly used by Viking warriors. Historically, there are variants available in Viking Axe. Generally, they are long with a thin and sharp blade. The handle is quite long and you will be able to use them with a single hand as well.
  • Adze– Adze is also considered as a kind of axe, but you need to understand that they are basically a tool which is being used since Stone Age. They are used for carving out wood while the woodworker is using a hand for carving. The blade has a peculiar design, and the modern Adze is made of steel and wood.
  • Battle Axe– Battle Axes are also very popular, but they are very old when compared to Tactical Axe. These were used across the countries, but there was a slight variation in the design as per the region. You will only find battle-axe in museums. They have a large head, and there is a curve at the bottom to protect you from the enemy.
  • Hewing Axe– This axe was used even before the industrial sawmills were invented, and the axe found a great utility during that era. The main use of Hewing axe was to convert the round log into a flat one. They are used today as well by the woodworkers who prefer to use hand instead of machinery. They are available in a different size.
  • Crash Axe– These axes are carried in the cockpits of the large aircraft, and the main reason to have them is to enable the people to pry open the wall when the safe exit is not available. It is lightweight and short, which makes it easy to use, and the blade of the axe is also very sharp. It is often used by the crash firefighters and crash rescuers, as well as it is able to chop the metal skin of the airplane. They also have an electrically insulated handle.
  • Fireman’s Axe– You would have seen this axe with the fireman and we are sure that this doesn’t need a long introduction. The axe is used for breaking doors and windows in the event of an emergency. The blade is sharp-edged it has a pointed poll as well. It is usually painted in red color to make it easy to spot the axe.
  • Throwing Axe– These types of axes are used in the competitions and they are made in a way that they can be used multiple types. They are often designed as per the criteria laid out by WATL and NATF.
  • Carpenter Axe– As the name suggests, this axe is used by the carpenters and this one is a small axe. The axe has a choked grip in order to provide higher accuracy to the carpenter. In addition to this, the back is flat so that it can also be used as a hammer. Do not confuse this with the carving axe. The edge is straight and it has a lot of utility in carpenter’s workshop.

This was all about the different types of axe heads available in the market. We have listed 14 types of axe and all of them have a distinct head. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there is also a snow axe which we haven’t really talked about in this article. They are used for different purposes. So, which one do you think is the most exciting axe? Do let us know in the comments section.

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