Tomahawk Axe Throwing Technique & Rules

One of the popular sports is axe throwing, and it has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Today, there are many professional competitions for Axe Throwing and thousands of professional participates in these challenges. Talking about the region, the sport is popular in the USA, Australia, Europe, and even Canada. If axe throwing has grabbed your interest, then you can pick this up as a hobby. There are certain things that you might want to know while you learn Axe Throwing. In this article, we are going to share the techniques of tomahawk axe throwing along with some rules and regulations that govern the game.

Tomahawk Axe

We are first going to talk about the tomahawk axes, and these are basically multi-purpose tools designed with a certain tactical need. These axes are highly aerodynamic, which gives them the ability to move through the air with a lot of speed. The blade is thin and sharp. In addition to this, the handle is small. You will find different types of design for the tomahawk axe, which include single blade design, double blade design and a single blade design with a spike. The handle of the tomahawk axe is available in short and long design, but the most used design includes a short handle. The size of the handle can be anywhere between 14 inches to 24 inches, but the shorter is better. The handle of the axe is always designed with the wood.Let us now have a look at the axe throwing technique.

Tomahawk Axe Throwing Techniques

In this section, you will find the different techniques that you will be able to use while throwing the axe.

  • First Method – In this first method, we are going to teach you how to throw the axe with both hands without moving forward. Hold the axe with both the hands like a baseball bat. You can hold the axe behind your head and in this method, you must not move forward while throwing the axe. Keep the foot behind the line and throw the axe in full swing with both your hands. You are using your body to drive the axe.
  • Second Method – This method also includes the use of both the hands. Move the foot corresponding to your dominant hand forward and bent your foot a little in order to strike the right balance. Ensure that the hands should go over your head and not your shoulder. Swing your hands in the forward direction with full force and release the axe when it is aligned straight with the target.
  • Third Method – In this method, we will tell you how to throw the axe with a single hand. Hold the axe in your dominant hand and move your foot forward. Now, hold the axe behind your head and move it over your head with force while releasing it at the right time. Ensure that your wrist is locked properly to get the right aim. Move your whole body and not just your wrist and bent your knee to amplify the force that you are applying on the axe.

You would need to maintain the right amount of force on the axe because, in the end, it is about the accuracy as well as precision. Be careful with your balance and ensure that the axe takes a minimum of one rotation before hitting the target. In a competition, you will also come across a time when you will have to throw an axe with the long handle. During this stage, ensure that you stand a little back in order to give some space to the axe to rotate well in the air before it hits the target.

Tomahawk Axe Throwing Target

The good thing about the targets for Tomahawk Axe Throwing is that you can design it by yourself. The recommended diameter of the target is 36 inches, but you can have anything between 25 inches to 36 inches. You can choose to purchase one as well because if you do not have any experience in woodworking, then you might find it slightly hard to build it. You can ideally use a wide tree stump and use it as a target. One of the problems that you might notice with the new target board is that the axe is not sticking to the board. To deal with this problem, you can spray water on the board, and you can sharpen your blade. Add more power to your throws, and we are sure that you will be able to deal with the problem easily. Let us move on to the next section and check out more about the rules that govern this sport.

Rules Governing Axe Throwing

There are rules associated with each and every sport that you will find on this plane. There are rules that are also associated with Tomahawk Axe Throwing and you need to take care of these rules if you wish to play the sport. The rules around this particular sport are governed by IATF and if you would like to read out all the rules then you can navigate to

Also, to give you an idea, the weight of the head of the axe should be between 1.25 pounds and 1.75 pounds. Also, the target is 36 inches wide, which is as per the standards laid by IATF.


Axe throwing is a lot more popular than you might think. A single game lasts about 2 to 3 hours, and it is also dependent on the size of the group. You can practice in your backyard, but you really need to ensure the safety of others. Follow some of the tutorials and ensure that everyone is aware of their safety. Avoid practicing around the pets and act responsibly. Do not mix drinking with the axe throwing as it can make a deadly cocktail. You can include this in your daily schedule, and we assure you that a single practice session will help you burn at least 300 calories.

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