Best Splitting Maul 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Splitting Maul 2021 : When winter is on the way, it is time to make sure you are ready to keep yourself warm. Like the Chipmunks store food for the winter, so should we store the firewood for ourselves to keep warm. Most of the houses you visit in the country-side you would surely see a stack of wood is stored. Making up the stack is not a day’s job but it is something that starts from the autumn season when the wood starts getting dry.

Best Splitting maul 2021


1st Place

Estwing Fireside Friend Axe – Wood Splitting Maul
By Estwing


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Best Value

Fiskars Super (36″) Splitting Axe
By Fiskars


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Fiskars IsoCore Maul, 36-Inch
By Fiskars


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Husqvarna 32″ Wooden Splitting Maul
By Husqvarna


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GransforsBruk Splitting Maul 31.5” Wood Splitting Axe
By GransforsBruk


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Well, there are a lot of articles that describe how to stack wood for the winter. But here we are talking about a specific manual tool that would help you to get to the position to start stacking the wood. It is the splitting Maul that we will be talking about. Some big and some small, splitting mauls are best to resize the wood and stack it. With a variety of them available to choose from we have shortlisted the best of them based on ratings. This list will help you in choosing the best of them.

Best Splitting Maul Reviews 2021

Let us now do a detailed discussion of each splitting Maul in the below list.

#1. Estwing Fireside Friend Axe – Wood Splitting Maul

Crafted in the USA the maul from Estwing is specially designed one that serves the purpose of axing small pieces of wood for the fireside. The best splitting maul is forged from a single piece of metal, and that is durable. Don’t just go by its size as it might look to be a small one. It is made of the weight wedge design, which is known to ease the wood chopping process a faster one. It is designed to require the only efficient amount of energy to get the job done. This best axe includes a ballistic nylon sheath that protects the hand-sharpened edge. To reduce the shock when struck on the wood, there is a genuine leather grip on the handle. The grip reduces 70% of the impact vibration and hence makes it comfortable to use and can be used for a longer time. The axe is made in the US, Rockford, IL, using the best steel of America.

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  • 14″ axe with a weighted wedge design
  • Protective sheath provided to avoid the sharpness going blunt
  • Made of a single piece of steel
  • Made in the US


  • Quality of the product reduced overtime
  • Neck easily bent after a short usage

#2. Fiskars Super (36″) Splitting Axe

Fiskars introduces this 36” long splitting axe that makes the wood chopping pretty faster and easier. The main reason is the length of the axe that is most convenient for the purpose. The axe is designed especially for taller users giving them ease and comfort while chopping the wood. The length and design provide maximum efficiency to perform a one strike split. This efficiency is increased due to the non-slip grip and it reduces any strain on the hand and the wrist. The axe has been ergonomically well designed to give the best results from a lesser amount of energy during the swing.

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The efficiency is further increased due to its well-balanced build that reduces any unnecessary strain on the arm. This is built by the perfect power-to-weight ratio balance in the axe. The blade or the sharper part of the axe is convex-shaped that converts the power into high impact. The shape of the edge is such that it makes it easier to be removed from the wood if it is stuck. The axe is accompanied by a lifetime warranty from the company. The axe has a superior blade design that keeps the axe in the best shape even after repeated use.


  • Long axe designed for taller people
  • Gives maximum efficiency for one strike splitting of wood
  • Power-to-weight ratio designed well to provide great results
  • The convex blade can easily be removed if stuck into the wood
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The plastic material ripped off while using the first time
  • Fragile quality as per customers

#3. Fiskars IsoCore Maul, 36-Inch

Another one from Fiskars with some similar features as the previous one might feel repeating, but it has the features that make it eligible for this list. This one is designed with an Isocore, which means the blunt head and the sharp part of the axe is designed from the same single piece of metal. Not just that it also fits into the long handle so well that even with maximum power swing the head will not snap off. The blade of the axe is designed to provide great penetration that pierces through the wood, making it split in a single swing. The IsoCore technology reduces the vibration that is produced during each impact passing through the hand. It hence reduces all the stress on the hand and the wrist by absorbing the shock as much possible. The riveted head of the axe is designed to be inseparable that will ensure no snap off or slippage of the head takes place even with maximum swing force. Forged from heat-treated steel, it also has a rust-resistant coating. It is also designed to have a soft gripped handle with a sculpted profile to have a comforting grip.

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  • Made from a single piece of heated steel
  • Does not snap off or slip off
  • Absorbs any vibrations from the swing or the impact
  • High performance handles make the task easier


  • The handle cracked within a few years of usage

#4. Husqvarna 32″ Wooden Splitting Maul

With various sizes as an option to choose from, the one from Husqvarna we are talking about now is a large size 32″ one. The rugged look of the axe resembles classic axe types. The handle is pure wood and is 32” long, and it has no added cushion or grip on the handle. The axe head is sharp on one side and it is hand sharpened one. On the other side is a blunt head that can be used as a sledgehammer, which can be used against another sledgehammer to pierce through the wood. The sharp edge of the axe can be protected by a leather covering when the axe is not in use. The leather is pure and absorbs any humidity on the axe and protects it from getting any rust.

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The head is attached to the handle via the hickory shaft using the wooden and steel wedge to have a secure bond with the handle. There are atleast 12 different types of axes from Husqvarna that are available in different sizes and build. This is the biggest of them and is also the strongest and sturdier of all. However, we have seen customer’s experience have been a bit unhappy ones with the axes edge being broken with very few usage time. The axe weighs around 3.2kg on the whole and is an ideal weight for being able to swing the axe with ease.


  • 32” long maul which is the best from Husqvarna
  • 2kg which is an ideal weight for proper and easy swing
  • Leather cover provided which protect the sharpness when the axe is not in use
  • Has a sharp edge and sledgehammer head that can have a dual purpose
  • Has a classic look and the handle is completely made of Wood


  • Customers complained of the sharp edge axe breaking down with a very short usage
  • Some customers received a damaged handle product

#5. GransforsBruk Splitting Maul 31.5” Wood Splitting Axe

The last one in this list is from Gransfors that is quite a long one with 31.5″ in its length. This is also the classic finish one, which has no additional grip on the handle but the texture itself is enough to the proper grip. The grip is good enough to make sure the axe does not slip off when swinging the maul with full force. The weight of the maul is around 3.2 kgs, which makes it ideal for efficient use of energy for a single swing split of the wood. The axe edge is sharp enough to pierce into the wood with ease and it is protected by a leather covering which can be used when the axe is not in use. The axe head has two parts, the sharp edge, which cuts the wood and blunt one which can be used as a sledgehammer. The sledgehammer part can be used to swing at the other sledgehammer to give an additional blow to cut the hardwood. The head is made out of a single piece of steel and is made from the heated steel to provide longevity and avoid any rust to it. The head sits on the long handle with the metal extension through which you can slide in the handle and it is tight enough to make sure it does not slip or snap off. Overall it has been a very good axe that also works like a sledgehammer.

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  • Dual-purpose axe and a hammer
  • Protective leather covering to protect the sharpness of the axe
  • 2 kg weight makes it an ideal axe to use with efficiency
  • Complete wooden handle with slightly roughened texture on the other end to provide good grip


  • The head falls off easily
  • Handle broke off for a few customers after a couple of usages

Best Splitting Maul 2021 : Buying Guide

Buying a Splitting Maul is not too tough, you may think, but buying without knowing any important features is not a sensible move. Hence we have brought to you the important features of the maul that can help you understand it better.


The head is the most important part of the maul. Make sure the head is made of a single piece of steel to ensure it does not break easily, nor does it get separated as in some cases we have seen. Any axe and hammer forged out of a single piece has given great results and especially if the steel is heated and hardened. The axe part if sharpened by hand has given good results – hence if possible, choose the axe which has been sharpened by hand.


The handle of the maul decides how much energy is required by the user to split the wood in the single blow. The long handle gives a great advantage to the user but also needs to be sure it is not extra long. The weight to length ratio is also important; hence look for the maul, which has considered this while manufacturing. The grip on the handle is another aspect that you need to keep in mind. If there is no proper grip, then your swing of the axe on the wood would not be effective. There is also the possibility of the maul to slip off from the hand if there is no proper grip on the handle. Some handles have hand impressions that give a great gip on the handle. Some also come with leather grips that provide super grip, and with super grip comes the efficiency in the swing of the axe.

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The next aspect is the weight of the maul. If the weight of the maul is not in the right proportion to the length, then we would see an imbalance while using the maul. Ideal weight is known to be around 3.2 kg and which provides proper balance and also less strain on the hand and the wrists. You can make out the difference when the weight of two different axes varies. Hence look for the axe that has specifically been designed, taking into consideration the weight to length ratio.


Now that we have gone through 5 best of the mauls for splitting the wood for winter, we are pretty confident that you will be able to make the right decision after going through the article. This buying guide was more of a guideline for you to make the right decision. The products on the list of best splitting maul were based on the ratings that the existing customers had provided. So we can assure you would want to choose one from the list. Happy Buying!

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