Best Hatchets for Backpacking 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Hatchets for Backpacking 2021 : Tools are essential for our daily life. Whether it is a knife or scissor, it can help you to do your work effectively. But, when you are outside, small knives are not sufficient to solve your purpose. You may need a big tool, such as a hatchet. So, backpackers use hatchets for backpacking. When you have a hatchet, no work is hard for you. For clearing brushes on your trail or chopping wood for fire or shelter, the hatchet is a great tool to go for. Apart from these applications, hatchets can be used for many purposes. So, every outdoors man prefers to carry a hatchet with them.

Best Hatchets for backpack 2021


1st Place

Husqvarna wooden hatchet for backpacking


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Best Value

Estwing sportsman’s hatchet for backpacking
By Estwing sportsman


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Fiskars X7 hatchet for backpacking
By Fiskars


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Helko 1844 Werk Germany Vario 2000 hatchet for backpacking
By Helko


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Gerber Bear Grylls hatchet for backpacking
By Gerber Bear


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Gerber 31-002648 hatchet for backpacking
By Gerber


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Though hatchets are heavier than knives, people like to use hatchets in the outdoors because of their high value. Hatchets offer great flexibility in any application, so it is worth to carry such a tool on your back when you are on a trail. So, by having a high-quality hatchet, you can do any outdoor work easily.

Best Hatchets for Backpacking Reviews 2021

If you are looking for a hatchet for backpacking, then you can find the perfect hatchet for you here. Here are reviews of the best hatchets for backpacking. You can go through every hatchet and select the product that suits your application. However, selecting a good hatchet is not an easy task for anyone. So, this article includes a buying guide to help you in choosing the perfect hatchet for you.

#1. Husqvarna wooden hatchet for backpacking:

Husqvarna is a top brand for producing many types of wooden axes for different types of works. You can get hatchets for your applications from this brand. The axes of this brand can last for a long time if you maintain them properly. This wooden hatchet is a top-quality product from this brand to provide great performance in any kind of application. If you are looking for a durable and high performative axe for your application, then you should use this hatchet. The hatchet is 13 inches long so that you can do your works easily.

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Whether you use this hatchet for garden work, camping or cutting firewood, it can offer the perfect performance that you want. This unique wooden hatchet is made of hickory and hand-forged Swedish steel for maximum durability. For better strength, the head of this hatchet is attached to the handle using both wooden and steel wedges. With the proper maintenance, you can use this hatchet for a long time. This hatchet is made in Sweden. You shouldn’t store this product in too worm places to prevent the contraction of the handle. You should apply grease on its head to avoid the rust. Also, you should clean the head before putting the cover.


  • Husqvarna wooden hatchet is a lightweight product so easy to handle.
  • This hatchet can be maintained easily.
  • For multiple applications, this hatchet is an ideal product.


  • NA

#2. Estwing sportsman’s hatchet for backpacking:

Estwing is a great American brand for producing a wide range of outdoor tools for different applications. Whether you are a sportsman or outdoorsman, this brand has products for you. This hatchet is made of a single piece of steel for the utmost durability. As the cutting edge of this best axe is tempered 3-1/4 inches, you can experience superb strength while using this product. This hatchet is made of the finest tool grade steel to offer unique performance. It is sharpened and polished by hand so that you can use it for a long time. With this hatchet, you can cut any kind of wood.

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Estwing hatchet is made in the USA. Because of its hand-polished head and neck, this axe is a unique product in the market. The hatchet has sanded and lacquered genuine leather grips for high durability and finish. Estwing hatchet includes a nylon sheath to keep the head safely. This axe has a length of 12 inches. With this hatchet, it is easy to cut anything effortlessly. Anyone can balance this axe in his/her hand effortlessly. If you are looking for a high-quality hatchet for your application, then this hatchet is ideal for you. While using this hatchet, you should always wear eye protection for safety.


  • With a lightweight and compact design, this hatchet can be carried to any place easily.
  • The hatchet is made of a single piece of steel.
  • Estwing hatchet comes with a nylon sheath.


  • NA

#3. Fiskars X7 hatchet for backpacking:

This is a high-quality hatchet made by Fiskars. This hatchet is designed using the precision grinding technique to offer a sharp edge. With this axe, you can cut the small and medium logs effortlessly. The edge of this hatchet provides high contact to the wood surface for cutting. Its sharpness can be retained for a long time. The weight is distributed perfectly throughout the hatchet to increase power. Also, its swing speed is increased to put more impact on the logs and cut them effortlessly. Its power to weight ratio is properly maintained so that you can use this tool easily.

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Because of its stronger fiber comp handle and molded head, this hatchet won’t break easily. If you have this product with you, then you can cut any type of wood. As the products of Fiskar are world-famous for their quality, you can experience a high-quality performance from this hatchet. Outdoorsmen, hikers, campers, etc. can use this product in their different applications. Because of the sharpness of the blade, it can go deeper into the logs. In each swing, this hatchet can penetrate the wood forcefully allowing you to chop the wood effortlessly. So, by using this axe, you can chop more wood in less time and effort.


  • The hatchet is made of high-quality materials to offer unique strength in the applications.
  • Because of its rugged construction, this hatchet won’t break easily.
  • Fiskars X7 hatchet can be used for chopping small and medium-sized logs effortlessly.


  • NA

#4. Helko 1844 Werk Germany Vario 2000 hatchet for backpacking:

With this hatchet, you can do any hard job effortlessly. It is easy to handle this product in any kind of cutting work. Its head weighs 5.5 pounds so any experienced operator can handle this product easily for chopping the wood. Because of heavyweight, it can offer high striking power in any application. Its head is attached to the handle with screws and protected by a butt-plate retainer cap. The handle of the hatchet is made of grade A American hickory for high strength and durability. To protect the axe, it includes a vegetable-tanned leather sheath, which is made in the USA. The head is made of German C50 high-grade carbon steel in Germany. Drop forging, heat treatment and oil-hardening process are used in making the head.

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The curved handle makes it easier to balance the axe in every application. As all the Vario axes have the same design, you can interchange the parts with each other easily. If you have this product with you, you can do any difficult job easily. The handle has a lightly lacquered black-dripped grip so that you can use this product without any slip. It has a length of 36 inches and weighs 7.5lbs with handle. It includes steel overstrike protector shields to prevent harmful miss-swings.


  • The Vario 2000 axe offers high durability and versatility.
  • This hatchet is ideal for any kind of difficult job.
  • It is made of premium quality material for better strength.


  • It is a heavy axe, so beginners may feel hard to operate and carry this hatchet.

#5. Gerber Bear Grylls hatchet for backpacking:

Gerber is a famous brand for producing knives and tools for a variety of purposes. Its products are well-engineered for providing the best performance. If you are looking for a hatchet for backpacking, then the Gerber Bear Grylls hatchet is the perfect product for you. With this unique axe, you can chop the firewood or make a shelter in the bad weather effortlessly. So, it can be your best friend in any type of situation if it is with you. It just weighs 1.4 pounds. It has a compact design so that you can carry it to any location easily. Because of its lightweight design, anyone can use this axe to do any chopping or cutting work effortlessly.

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The razor-sharp blade of 3.5 inches is enough to cut logs with less effort. You shouldn’t imagine the capacity of this tool from its small size, as it is very powerful to chop the logs of more weight. This hatchet is made of stainless steel and has a full-tang construction to offer great durability. This hatchet is efficient enough to do the hardest tasks easily. Because of its rubberized handle, it offers the ultimate grip that you want while working. This hatchet includes a military-grade durable nylon sheath to protect the blade when not in use.


  • This hatchet offers superb grip in any kind of work.
  • Gerber Bear Grylls hatchet features full-tang stainless steel construction for durability.
  • The hatchet has a razor-sharp blade.


  • NA

#6. Gerber 31-002648 hatchet for backpacking:

This is a compact, portable and lightweight hatchet designed by Gerber. This best hatchet for backpacking is ideal for hikers, outdoorsmen, and campers. If you are looking for an outstanding hatchet so that you can carry that to any place, then you should go for this product. The hatchet has a great size to chop small logs easily. It has a sharp blade so that you can cut anything with less effort. To reduce the friction while using, this hatchet has coated with PTFE coating. It can chop the logs perfectly. The hatchet is made of forged steel for high durability. If you buy this product, then you can experience the perfect performance for a long time. This hatchet comes with a durable and lightweight composite handle to handle this tool easily.

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It can go deep into the wood in each swing. For high-efficiency cuttings, you should use this hatchet. The composite handle of this hatchet comes with a shock-absorbent feature to decrease hand strain. The Gerber hatchet comes with a strong sheath for easy storage and transportation. The length of this hatchet is 9 inches, and it is made in Finland. This axe weighs 1.21 pounds so that you can use it easily. It can help you to chop the wood quickly.


  • The Gerber hatchet has coated with PTFE to prevent the sticking of the blade in the wood.
  • The hatchet comes with a razor-sharp blade for easy cutting.
  • This hatchet comes with a high grip handle, which is comfortable to hold.


  • NA

Best Hatchets for Backpacking 2021: Buying Guide

You can find many kinds of hatchets in the market for backpacking. So, choosing the right hatchet for your application is essential. To select a suitable hatchet for your needs, you should consider some points while buying.

  • Consider the sharpness:

Sharpness is important in every hatchet. If the hatchet has better sharpness, then you can cut the wood easily. Also, you should ensure that the blade has made of high-quality steel so that it can remain sharp for a long time. The blade should be durable enough to cut any type of wood effortlessly.

  • Length:

The length of the hatchet is important for backpacking. If you are looking for a hatchet for carrying with you in your trails, then you should go for shorter hatchets. Longer hatchets are capable of providing more speed in each swing. But, these hatchets are not ideal for carrying. For camping and hiking, you should select a moderate length hatchet for high performance. So, you should choose the right length according to your application.

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  • Weight:

When you are looking for a hatchet for backpacking, weight is an essential factor to consider. The weight of the hatchet should allow you to carry the hatchet easily. The backpacking hatchet should be light in weight so that you can carry that in your trails for 8 to 12 hours without any issue. The hatchets discussed in this article are lightweight products so you can select any product without any doubt.

  • Choose the right type:

While choosing a hatchet, you should consider the application for what you are purchasing the hatchet. There are different hatchets for different applications. Also, multipurpose hatchets are available to do any kind of work conveniently. So, if you know your specific application, then you can choose the perfect hatchet for that application. If you don’t know your application, then you can simply buy a multipurpose hatchet so that you can use that for any kind of work.

If you are looking for an axe for chopping small logs, firewood, clearing bushes and branches, then you should go for a small size hatchet. Small size hatchets are light in weight and provide better strength for such works.

If your work is not too large or small, then you should go for a medium-sized hatchet. With such a hatchet, you can have maximum flexibility and do your work effortlessly.

If you are going to cut big trees, logs, etc., then you should buy a large hatchet. However, large hatchets are not easy to carry. Also, there are hatchets for specific occasions such as camping, throwing, tactical, survival, etc. So, you should consider your application and select the perfect hatchet for that.

  • Handle material:

Wooden handle hatchets are comfortable to hold and can be replaced if damaged. Many people prefer wooden handles, as they are safe for hand. Reinforced plastic handle hatchets are durable and strong enough to do any kind of work. But, plastic handle is uncomfortable to hold, as plastic doesn’t wear down. Also, plastic handles are hard to replace if damaged. Hatchets with metal handles are heavier than other hatchets. However, full-tang lightweight hatchets are ideal for backpacking. It is up to you, which type of handle material you prefer.

  • Balance:

It is an important point to know while choosing a hatchet for backpacking. You should check how the weight of the head is balanced by the handle and how it feels to the hand. The weight should be distributed properly throughout the hatchet. It should feel comfortable to your hand, and you should be able to strike powerfully using that hatchet.


Hatchets are the most useful tools for doing any kind of outdoor works. The most common use of hatchets is chopping firewood. Also, there are many other applications of hatchets that attract people to carry this tool on their back. While you are outdoors, you can also use hatchets for food preparations. The hatchets reviewed in this article are the best options for backpacking. These hatchets have selected from the top brands and can offer great performance. If you are in search of such a tool, then you can pick any hatchet undoubtedly. Hope the buying guide will help you in selecting the right hatchet for you.

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